The twist unraveled

It’s a title for a blog that I wish I could have been the first to use, but in this case, too much ensuing flattery (er, mimicry) might have diluted the message. I was thinking of twisting the title of a Ray Bradbury story for this entry, did a search on my presumed original idea, and foundered in a sea of like-minded attempts: “Something wiki this way comes.”

Nevertheless, the twist remains—wikis are undoubtedly a driving application for browser-based collaboration of seemingly limitless content (if this projection is accurate, Wikipedia should be at over 3 million articles this year). From personal wikis that run in JavaScript to enterprise wikis that support many hundreds of teams across a corporation, this form of collaborative writing has certainly become one of the compelling applications of Web technology.

My interest is in the application of DITA to this domain of writing. And why not? DITA was designed for the Web, but not only as an HTML replacement. The architecture supports its integration into a wide variety of applications. My eye is on finding a course where it can supersede wikitext (along with styles and behavior hints that are also part of wikitext encoding) for hosted writing scenarios.

To help foster discussion and help communities define their requirements and wishes along these lines, I started a new discussion group that parallels the popular dita-users group, also in Yahoo groups. If you are interested in this discussion, I hope to see you there!

The Yahoo DITA wikis group link:

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