I help organizations solve unstructured data problems and deliver content that operates efficiently and adaptively. Optimizing unstructured data in this way is one of the last frontiers where new technology can create dramatic ROI for the enterprise.

Hands On XSLT

A brown bag workshop! This facilitated, engaging, interactive demo is a light introduction to the principles behind structured content and its capabilities. Although the demo is based how the XSLT processing architecture works, what it is really teaching is how structured content can be decomposed and reassembled for new publishing roles, including adaptive content delivery and Responsive Web Design. An eye-opener for programmers, writers, managers, and anyone working with content!

Duration: 1 hour (basic; can be extended).

Assessment for conversion to DITA

A review of content, goals, assets, schedules, budget, blockers and strategies for winning support, etc.. The deliverable is a report on recommendations. As requested, I also offer implementation services.

Duration: Negotiable depending on depth of assessment and scope of report.

Value of Structured Content

A course to help organizations understand the roles of content, strategies for converging silos of writing/publishing activity, levels of investment, and projected return on investment.

Duration: 1 to 1 1/2 day course with demo sessions.

Content Modeling for Structured Web Content

A course that introduces markup principles for content. Modules include modeling content and creating schemas and templates, model adaptive/personalization strategies;, integration with both Web and print publishing services, and more.

Duration: courseware customized around your requirements.

Introduction to DITA

A course covering from the first principles of structured content to creating and producing content using free tools. Based on principles that can apply for any later implementation phase.

Duration: 1-4 days depending on scope.

Information Architecture

A course for Content Strategists to help them understand how to analyze organizational goals and content properties, and to learn a framework for creating and managing content to achieve business and customer goals.

Duration: courseware customized around your requirements.

Content Migration

A service. Assessing and recommending suitable options for migrating content.

Duration: customized around your requirements.

Don's Lab

This stuff practically writes itself, folks!

Information begs to be understood. Our stories and explanations, our advice and even our bookmarks are all examples of data with sense and structure that we can tap into for value.

Even though Intelligent Content may be capable of doing many nifty things, it has no volition to do anything.

The human-to-content interfacing that enables content to provide value goes by several names: Content Strategy, Content Modeling, Content Authoring, Content Engineering, and Content Management for example. Without some use of these principles, content cannot reach its potential for intelligent, adaptive, timely and appropriate delivery.

My passion is to explore these system-level challenges and discover practical recommendations for exploiting this inherent value in our Content.

Check out what goes on in my Content Laboratory!

Don Day

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"Why, yes, I am a rocket scientist!"

Ranking among the top XML technology leaders today, Don Day not only contributes to the success of individual projects and products, his influence can also be found on nearly every XML initiative in production. His efforts have resulted in multiple patents, official recognition for his contribution to reengineering IBM's information assets, and designation as an OASIS Distinguished Contributor for convening and leading the OASIS Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) Technical Committee. Don is well-known for advising and consulting on strategy, technology, and best practices for optimizing the value and usefulness of unstructured data.


What our clients are saying.

Patrick Quinlan Citrix eLearning

I had the pleasure of working with Don on three projects for Citrix Education. Don is smart, direct, and not afraid to challenge standard assumptions. He took ideas I presented, built on them and improved them.