open DITA Code Sprint following DITA Europe 2011

If you plan to attend DITA Europe 2011 in Prague, watch for my session on “Integrating social media into new DITA workflows” on Tuesday November 8. In addition, on the 9th, I’ll be helping to facilitate the following related activity, also in Prague:

open DITA Code Sprint

Following the DITA Europe conference in Prague, we are planning an open DITA code sprint. This is an event you should not miss if you are interested in getting some hands-on experience working with open source tools for DITA. Anybody is free to suggest topics but we’ll most likely have at least a few people working on Drupal tools for DITA and on the Open Toolkit.

If you are around after the conference but had not planned to take one of the post-conference workshops, this event might be worth your time.  If you are interested, please visit this site and sign up! I hope someone might find this alternative post-conference opportunity useful.

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