Seven Steps to DITA Adoption Across the Enterprise: Lavacon 2011 workshop

I’m pleased to announce that Michael Boses of Quark XML Author fame will join me in co-presenting a pre-conference workshop on Sunday, 13 November 2011.

If you are in Austin and can’t swing attending the whole conference, there is a special  workshop-only registration page.

Session description:

Long before “user generated content” became a buzzword, tech pubs strategists knew they needed subject matter experts to be more engaged in the documentation process. Attempts to capture SME knowledge have varied from Word to Wikis, but they have all resulted in technical writers struggling with unstructured content that lacks the intelligence needed to make the process work.

DITA solves this problem by design—with an architecture well-suited for enterprise implementation, enabling content to flow smoothly from SMEs directly to tech pubs. And this is just the beginning. DITA is unique in its ability to enable content to be created collaboratively by departments that exist as silos today, for example Marketing, Engineering, and Tech Pubs.

This workshop is designed as a step-by-step guide, using a Pilot Project as both an example and as a roadmap for attendees who are ready to get started. We will examine seven practical steps that run the gamut of analysis and planning, available tools and techniques, project approaches, and organizational buy-in. The material is equally relevant to all types of wide-spread DITA authoring, whether it be to collect content from SMEs or to create intelligent content in other departments.

Workshop participants will learn how to:

  1. Assess pain points and DITA’s fit
  2. Build a business case
  3. Gain organizational buy-in
  4. Understand the tools and techniques
  5. Design a “failure proof” pilot
  6. Implement and manage the effort
  7. Effectively report the pilot results

Who should attend:

  • Content Strategists who want to capture intelligent content
  • Documentation managers who need to optimize business processes
  • Technical writers and editors who contribute to content strategy
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