Update on Learning by Wrote activities

This blog has gotten quite a rest as I’ve been putting my “thoughts into code” with a complete redesign and expansion of the expeDITA open source intelligent content framework. Along with that I  have been engaged in some interesting work on:

  • Live rendering of personalized content through ditaval processing,
  • Web 2.0 and other incredibly simple approaches to creating intelligent content,
  • The need for authors to be “UX-Aware” and what this means for DITA, and
  • The expanding footprint of DITA outside of technical publications.

Some of this emphasis is a result of launching a new company with Michael Boses, former Director of XML Products at Quark. (Michael is the original designer of XML Author for Microsoft Word and several other products offered by Quark.) The Contelligence Group fulfills a long-time desire I have had to combine consulting and technical innovation in order to solve some of the really big content problems that organizations are facing. Check out our website at www.contelligencegroup.com to see what it’s all about. Not only do I think you will find the content interesting, but the site is also an example of multi-platform Dynamic Publishing that is personalized from a single DITA source that even a novice user could update.

Most of my technical blogging will be moving over to the Contelligence Group site (an important move according to marketing experts). That means I will also get to fulfill another long-time desire since the Learning by Wrote blog will become a venue where I can write about other projects and explorations that I’m involved with: music, camera collecting, gardening, model rocketry, space advocacy, and naturally, DITA and XML in open standards and open source.

logo for Lavacon 2012 conference; the Portland skyline at night.

Visit our presentation at Lavacon 2012 on October 7!

Finally, Michael and I will be in Portland, Oregon from October 7-9, speaking at Lavacon 2012. We will be presenting on the 7th about How to Deliver the Wrong Information to the Wrong Person at the Wrong Time. Would I lie to you?



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