Don Day has worked with enterprise-level, markup-based publishing tools for over 25 years. He designed SGML and XML authoring tools and solutions for use by IBM’s Information Development community. He drove the contribution by IBM of the Sourceforge-based DITA Open Toolkit, and led the formation of the OASIS Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) Technical Committee, of which he is Chair. In between exploring new solutions and opportunities for DITA uptake, Don writes and consults about DITA and the Web.

Learning by Wrote Blog is Don’s platform for observing the people, the standards and the industry behind structured markup, with an eye towards lowering the barriers to use of intelligent content standards and writing tools.

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  2. Hi Don,
    I’m curious about adaptive content and saw your recent slideshare on the subject. I wouldn’t mind picking your brain about it sometime if you have a minute. You can find me at the above email or feel free to call me anytime at 800-939-1913 ext 707. Thanks.
    Anthony Myers
    Staff Reporter, CMSWire

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