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The case for “simpler DITA” editors

I’ve been tracking the¬†growing scope for “simpler DITA” editors for several years. I’m not surprised that the trend exists–I’ve helped encourage it, in fact. In her post on The devolution of DITA editors, Sarah O’Keefe asks, What is the case … Continue reading

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The Good Revolution: The Book is Dead!

I chuckled at Mark Baker’s recent post where he surmised that The Reader is the Enemy because I agreed that the cues he listed all do seem so damning (haven’t we all said or heard, “grab the reader” and “hold … Continue reading

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Creating DITA topics with a blog or wiki

I’ve decided to conclude my explorations of alternative DITA writing approaches with a discussion of how existing blogs or wikis can be pressed into service, at least for intial content creation (often the hardest “first mile” in getting knowledge out … Continue reading

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Turning an HTML editor into a “poor man’s DITA” editor

XML editors generally require a great deal of programming investment to make them competitively featured for primary audiences of trained technical writers and professional communicators. HTML editors, on the other hand, are seemingly everywhere, if only they could somehow “do … Continue reading

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The collage and the painting

In my earlier post, “DITA and ‘Web 5.0‘,” I asked in closing, “How would DITA under the covers help enhance the combined goal of ‘collaboration for intelligent content creation?’” That thought was basically the theme for my presentation for the … Continue reading

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DITA and “Web 5.0″

I provided a lengthy response today to a LinkedIn conversation based on a post by Robert Desprez on “Web 2.0 and Technical Communicators.” The premise of Robert’s post is that Most technical writers are not embracing Web 2.0. The discussion … Continue reading

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