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Links, Likes, and the Social Document

The Implications are upon us! In the past month, I’ve seen a surge of discussion about the rising impact of social networks on the traditional habits of Web users. One of the most trending articles has been “The Web is … Continue reading

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Dictation for structured writing

I enjoy writing about how to do more things, more easily with DITA. After many years in the structured writing field, I’ve come to appreciate the versatility and usability of the  validating editors that support DITA so well. But I’ve … Continue reading

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Creating DITA topics using email

To: e-dita <> Subject: Creating DITA topics using email Date: 7 April 2011 As you begin to sip your “half double decaffeinated half-caf with a twist of lemon” at your favorite coffee/internet bar, you suddenly get a brilliant blog idea that … Continue reading

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Creating DITA topics using reStructuredText

To a writer whose only tool is a flat text editor, formatted text is the next best thing to a real DITA editor.

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Creating DITA topics using your cell phone

Back before inks were invented, engraving was the main form of writing. You formed a tablet out of clay and used a stick to impress something that looked like “<LT>” on the surface, and there you had it: primitive markup. … Continue reading

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What’s in a word? “DITA” as a substring match

Web searches easily bring up all the usual false matches for our favorite markup topic, DITA. One of my favorites is Dita as the name of a field hockey stick, of which we’re told at its web site that dita is … Continue reading

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Intelligent Content 2011 in review

Following last week’s Intelligent Content 2011 conference, I’m now getting some time to reflect on both the big picture that I carried away as well as some trends I observed.

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Under the hood with the poor man’s DITA editor

Previously, I described the background of the in-browser editing technology being harnessed for what I called “the poor man’s DITA editor,” and ended with a look at the user’s experience.  Since I had described the architecture more fully in a … Continue reading

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DITA maps and OPML revisited, part 2

Previously, I introduced some background behind various types outlining software; in this post I’ll explore the relationship between DITA maps and OPML lists, and look at how OPML might be used in in-browser DITA applications.

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DITA maps and OPML revisited

I’ve been doing research on available outline editors for the expeDITA project. These fall into many different categories, often with different terminology, but all are generally similar under the covers. What I’ve come to find out is that mind mappers, … Continue reading

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