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The collage and the painting

In my earlier post, “DITA and ‘Web 5.0‘,” I asked in closing, “How would DITA under the covers help enhance the combined goal of ‘collaboration for intelligent content creation?’” That thought was basically the theme for my presentation for the … Continue reading

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DITA and “Web 5.0″

I provided a lengthy response today to a LinkedIn conversation based on a post by Robert Desprez on “Web 2.0 and Technical Communicators.” The premise of Robert’s post is that Most technical writers are not embracing Web 2.0. The discussion … Continue reading

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Collaborative DITA: “an itch worth scratching”

Final preparations are going into the contribution version of the DITA content collaboration project that I’ve been discussing. My goal is to complete the preparations in the next week or two, and then get the package onto a viable Open … Continue reading

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Why isn’t everyone talking about DITA?

I had this recent conversation with another entrepreneur about promoting the DITA content collaboration project: “Well, how do your potential customers know that they need a DITA Wiki?” “They know that they need DITA.” “And how do they know about … Continue reading

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Improving DITA’s content IQ

Just the other day, I received a Call for Papers for the upcoming Intelligent Content 2011 conference. That same day, I had also been reading a news article about great ape language research in Iowa. Of course, I duly reflected … Continue reading

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Do you speak the language of the domain?

You can’t parameterize everything in life. Sometimes you just need a good scripting language.

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A progression of topics

I suppose that “a progression of topics” truly is a collective noun, like “a labor of moles” or “a murder of crows.” The term is not likely to make it into English usage books, but it IS a useful way … Continue reading

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DITA and novels–a hyper notion

Serendipity takes interesting paths towards its occasional insights. The other day, I ran across a blog post by Alan J. Porter, Is DITA Just A Story? ┬áIn this post, he discusses a conversation at a literary convention about the suitability … Continue reading

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Meaningful DITA feeds

Web applications have not only a primary function (which we’ve already declared here as “a DITA collaboration site”), but often as well a defined set of services they share with other content hosting sites or promotional tools. What services should … Continue reading

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Of IDL maps, holy grails, and 100E2R

That title might rank today’s post relatively high for treasure hunters. If you are looking for treats for the eyes, the DITA Collaboration Tool prototype might have something of interest for you!

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