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What’s in a word? “DITA” as a substring match

Web searches easily bring up all the usual false matches for our favorite markup topic, DITA. One of my favorites is Dita as the name of a field hockey stick, of which we’re told at its web site that dita is … Continue reading

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Under the hood with the poor man’s DITA editor

Previously, I described the background of the in-browser editing technology being harnessed for what I called “the poor man’s DITA editor,” and ended with a look at the user’s experience.  Since I had described the architecture more fully in a … Continue reading

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Turning an HTML editor into a “poor man’s DITA” editor

XML editors generally require a great deal of programming investment to make them competitively featured for primary audiences of trained technical writers and professional communicators. HTML editors, on the other hand, are seemingly everywhere, if only they could somehow “do … Continue reading

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DITA maps and OPML revisited, part 2

Previously, I introduced some background behind various types outlining software; in this post I’ll explore the relationship between DITA maps and OPML lists, and look at how OPML might be used in in-browser DITA applications.

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DITA and “Web 5.0″

I provided a lengthy response today to a LinkedIn conversation based on a post by Robert Desprez on “Web 2.0 and Technical Communicators.” The premise of Robert’s post is that Most technical writers are not embracing Web 2.0. The discussion … Continue reading

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