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The Drive Behind Your Writing: What is Your Passion?

Do specialties make a difference in our careers as writers? That’s what popular blogger Tom Johnson muses about in his personal summary of last week’s LavaCon 2012 Conference (Specializing in the Next Big Thing: A Few Lingering Thoughts from Lavacon). … Continue reading

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Unstructured vs Non-structured: Seeing With the Third Eye

My wife Kathy is a first grade teacher. Working from my office at home, she often catches up on email about situations at her school. While doing her email recently, she asked me about the difference between “unstructured” and “nonstructured,” … Continue reading

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If Icon do it, Yukon Too!

A quick search showed I’m hardly the first person to wonder how to pronounce some of the emerging Portmanteau words of the technology era. The word I had in mind was “favicon,” a blend of “favorite” as in URL and … Continue reading

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Why We Need Structured Content

Do you remember Jon Bosak’s famous quip from the late ’90’s article XML, Java, and the future of the Web? The context was about XML “giving Java something to do.” It was meant to characterize the benefits of processing semantic XML … Continue reading

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Text, Trust, and the Turing Test

Are writers’ jobs about to be lost to computers? Could IBM’s Watson become the next Pulitzer Prize winner?  It seems likely, according to some related articles making the rounds in content strategy forums:

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Style vs Structure: the crossover mashup in documentation

I was listening to Steve Erquiaga’s Windham Hill version of Faure’s Pavane and noticed the poster’s comment that Steve is a Jazz and Classical crossover artist. It struck me that Steve’s seamless performance, blending styles in a single stream, is not unlike … Continue reading

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