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What’s in a word? “DITA” as a substring match

Web searches easily bring up all the usual false matches for our favorite markup topic, DITA.¬†One of my favorites is Dita as the name of a field hockey stick, of which we’re told at its web site that dita is … Continue reading

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Content Curation and archives of the future

Last month I came across one blogger’s insightful reflections on his visit to a humanities-oriented archive in Europe: “This is an archive dedicated not to the decisions of governments or the procedures of bureaucrats, but to creative lives at the … Continue reading

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Where is the knowledge?

Several people have commented on the T.S. Eliot quotation that I use in my signature file. I’d like to explain what it means to me. The quotation goes like this: “Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where … Continue reading

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