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Links, Likes, and the Social Document

The Implications are upon us! In the past month, I’ve seen a surge of discussion about the rising impact of social networks on the traditional habits of Web users. One of the most trending articles has been “The Web is … Continue reading

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The Good Revolution: The Book is Dead!

I chuckled at Mark Baker’s recent post where he surmised that The Reader is the Enemy because I agreed that the cues he listed all do seem so damning (haven’t we all said or heard, “grab the reader” and “hold … Continue reading

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Creating DITA topics with a blog or wiki

I’ve decided to conclude my explorations of alternative DITA writing approaches with a discussion of how existing blogs or wikis can be pressed into service, at least for intial content creation (often the hardest “first mile” in getting knowledge out … Continue reading

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Creating DITA topics using email

To: e-dita <> Subject: Creating DITA topics using email Date: 7 April 2011 As you begin to sip your “half double decaffeinated¬†half-caf with a twist of lemon” at your favorite coffee/internet bar, you suddenly get a brilliant blog idea that … Continue reading

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Intelligent Content 2011 in review

Following last week’s Intelligent Content 2011 conference, I’m now getting some time to reflect on both the big picture that I carried away as well as some trends I observed.

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