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The case for “simpler DITA” editors

I’ve been tracking the growing scope for “simpler DITA” editors for several years. I’m not surprised that the trend exists–I’ve helped encourage it, in fact. In her post on The devolution of DITA editors, Sarah O’Keefe asks, What is the case … Continue reading

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Creating DITA topics with a blog or wiki

I’ve decided to conclude my explorations of alternative DITA writing approaches with a discussion of how existing blogs or wikis can be pressed into service, at least for intial content creation (often the hardest “first mile” in getting knowledge out … Continue reading

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Creating DITA with HTML forms

The pattern of “What isn’t DITA?” is familiar: if a text object of any kind has a title and optionally some kind of descriptive content, it is transformationally analogous to a simple DITA topic. The observation is important because it opens … Continue reading

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Creating DITA topics using Twitter

I am creating today’s topic by dictating the content directly to my cell phone. A dictation application allows me to construct the structure in the resultant topic. I’m thinking of calling this concept DITATwita!

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Creating DITA maps using outliners

As long as you have a browser, The Cloud is your friend. I’ve previously described the potential role of OPML-based outlining tools for DITA map editing in a browser, but a recent DITA Chicks post by Karen Lowe on creating … Continue reading

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What isn’t DITA?

Move over, “age of miracles and wonder.” It seems that everyone is having epiphanies these days. I can teach you how to have one, as well. It’s just a matter of concentration and visualization!

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Picture yourself in the Starship Enterprise’s Transporter Room, where Scotty is fervently spinning dials, flipping switches, and shouting, “Captain, I can’t get a lock on Don’s coordinates! I’m about to lose him! Hold it.. I’ve got the signal!”

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Hello world!

Learning by Wrote comes to life!

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