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Why We Need Structured Content

Do you remember Jon Bosak’s famous quip from the late ’90’s article XML, Java, and the future of the Web? The context was about XML “giving Java something to do.” It was meant to characterize the benefits of processing semantic XML … Continue reading

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The case for “simpler DITA” editors

I’ve been tracking the growing scope for “simpler DITA” editors for several years. I’m not surprised that the trend exists–I’ve helped encourage it, in fact. In her post on The devolution of DITA editors, Sarah O’Keefe asks, What is the case … Continue reading

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The Good Revolution: The Book is Dead!

I chuckled at Mark Baker’s recent post where he surmised that The Reader is the Enemy because I agreed that the cues he listed all do seem so damning (haven’t we all said or heard, “grab the reader” and “hold … Continue reading

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Creating DITA topics using email

To: e-dita <> Subject: Creating DITA topics using email Date: 7 April 2011 As you begin to sip your “half double decaffeinated half-caf with a twist of lemon” at your favorite coffee/internet bar, you suddenly get a brilliant blog idea that … Continue reading

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Creating DITA maps using outliners

As long as you have a browser, The Cloud is your friend. I’ve previously described the potential role of OPML-based outlining tools for DITA map editing in a browser, but a recent DITA Chicks post by Karen Lowe on creating … Continue reading

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Intelligent Content 2011 in review

Following last week’s Intelligent Content 2011 conference, I’m now getting some time to reflect on both the big picture that I carried away as well as some trends I observed.

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XML is not a Markup Language!

I read an article recently in which the author implied that structured XML applications like OpenXML are somehow derivatives of XML itself. I can see how he might have arrived at that simplistic, but misplaced, premise.  Although the name for … Continue reading

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