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Update on Learning by Wrote activities

This blog has gotten quite a rest as I’ve been putting my “thoughts into code” with a complete redesign and expansion of the expeDITA open source intelligent content framework. Along with that I  have been engaged in some interesting work on:

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Harnessing user contributions for wiki-based documentation

Creating documentation using wikis or wiki-like software is inherently all about collaboration between various parties: programmers, testers, technical writers, and even informed users.  More than any other form of cloud-based collaboration, wikis are a natural way to enable your extended … Continue reading

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What HTML5’s most-discussed benefits mean for DITA

While some of the new features of HTML5 have a direct bearing on its future relationship with DITA (per my previous two posts on the subject, What HTML5’s parsing algorithm means for DITA and What HTML5’s outlining feature means for … Continue reading

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What HTML5’s outlining feature means for DITA

Before XML and SGML, IBM’s Generalized Markup Language (GML) represented document structure in a tag-like way, expressing the semantics of the content while separating that content from the underlying formatting controls. GML’s structural elements included the express heading level tags, … Continue reading

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HTML5 in the world of DITA

My new blender has a programmed mode in which the ingredients initially swirl around just before it goes into a surge of power that brings everything together into something new. HTML5 is like that: buzz about this mysterious upgrade first … Continue reading

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Style vs Structure: the crossover mashup in documentation

I was listening to Steve Erquiaga’s Windham Hill version of Faure’s Pavane and noticed the poster’s comment that Steve is a Jazz and Classical crossover artist. It struck me that Steve’s seamless performance, blending styles in a single stream, is not unlike … Continue reading

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The twist unraveled

It’s a title for a blog that I wish I could have been the first to use, but in this case, too much ensuing flattery (er, mimicry) might have diluted the message. I was thinking of twisting the title of … Continue reading

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Picture yourself in the Starship Enterprise’s Transporter Room, where Scotty is fervently spinning dials, flipping switches, and shouting, “Captain, I can’t get a lock on Don’s coordinates! I’m about to lose him! Hold it.. I’ve got the signal!”

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Hello world!

Learning by Wrote comes to life!

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