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Why We Need Structured Content

Do you remember Jon Bosak’s famous quip from the late ’90’s article XML, Java, and the future of the Web? The context was about XML “giving Java something to do.” It was meant to characterize the benefits of processing semantic XML … Continue reading

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Worth Repeating: Why Transformations

Reading about technology isn’t always easy. Few writers can pare down an issue to its essentials and then use common experiences to re-explain it with new relevance. For me, that clarity as a writer comes only after countless revisions, so … Continue reading

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Picture yourself in the Starship Enterprise’s Transporter Room, where Scotty is fervently spinning dials, flipping switches, and shouting, “Captain, I can’t get a lock on Don’s coordinates! I’m about to lose him! Hold it.. I’ve got the signal!”

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Hello world!

Learning by Wrote comes to life!

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